How to Make Sure Your Beauty Regime is Cruelty-Free


They say that the face is the mirror to the soul. So, naturally, we should pay close attention to the products we apply to it. We’ve all noticed that labels like “vegan” or “organic” are spreading from the grocery store to our beauty and skincare products but what exactly do these mean and should we take note? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an animal rights activist or sacrifice the bacon to make the world a better place for every living being.

Animals are (too) often used to test any kind of beauty product. Because of the similarities between them and human organs, species like dogs, rabbits and mice are exposed to mistreatment for the sole purpose of testing a single ingredient/product. However, today’s technological techniques can easily replace this ancient practice meaning that more and more brands are stepping away from animal testing. These brands are widely available and most of them are affordable for everyone: NARS, E.L.F., Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay, NYX, Catrice or Kiko… These all cruelty-free (and some of them can be considered vegan as well)!

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