What We Learnt From HBO ‘Girls’ as the Iconic Series Comes to a Close


What we’ve learnt from (those) Girls

Lesson 1: Being “young and female” is hard

Maybe the most priceless life lesson that we learnt is knowing that we all can be “adventurous women” and, thus, forgive us of anything. I might be biased (as I am a devout fan of the show and Dunham), but it looks like Lena Dunham was predicting the future when she declared in one of the most popular lines in the show that she, “may be the voice of a generation”. She was/is right as she reflected a mirror of not only herself and her life but ours too with admirable humour and intelligence.

It all started with a particular vision of reality captured on Dunham’s debut Tiny Furniture. She unveiled a common scenario where girls in their twenties could see themselves. And HBO bet on that. With an abstract explanation of what she wanted to do and the premise of “I don’t see myself or my friends represented on television”, Girls started five years ago.

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