Hidden Barcelona: All the secrets to discover the city like an expert


Woody Allen, Freddie Mercury and Roy Lichtenstein are just some of the artists that have been inspired by the Spanish city of Barcelona. It reunites the best qualities of Spain, such as the weather, gastronomy and landscape with its own culture; one of the richest and most preserved in the country. This is why thousands of people are attracted to this city every year, with visitor numbers constantly increasing.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Catalonian capital is its combination of sea and mountains; you can reach either of these two sceneries in less than an hour by Metro or bus. The geographical situation of Barcelona makes the city the perfect choice as the Spanish capital for industry and trade. Today, although Madrid is the host city for all the governmental and economical institutions, Cataluña’s economy is considered the most powerful in the country.

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On Wednesday, We Wear Purple: Show your support for International Women’s Day


Today, the 8th March 2017, we’re standing loud and proud with women the world over in honour of International Women’s Day.

On this day, which has officially been celebrated since 1911, we have the opportunity to come together to celebrate women, our achievements and what’s yet to come. The fight for equality is a long road but it’s one we’re making strides on and now is not the time to slow down. Show your support today, and every other day, with statement-making fashion choices.

Empowered, feminist, boss… Whatever term you choose to describe yourself is up to you. If you prefer to go down the humorous route, add a funny touch to your look with a cat accessory because, after all, the pussy grabs back, Trump. And for those who wish to be more subtle but still show their support, incorporate the colour purple into your wardrobe as it’s the official colour of International Women’s Day.

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