Bridget Boom (again)

The clichés about single women are on the top of the charts again. Bridget Jones’s Baby arrived with the same power as the previous films did. Again a story about a lady’s life which just revolves around men but with a new component: a baby! Yes, people were almost going to forget that this is the main goal in a woman’s life. But weren’t we supposed to be more critical with the figure of women in films? Oh, excuse me, it’s Bridget Jones, she knows how to make money. And newspapers know it. It’s hilarious that Renée Zellweger has been having a bigger prominence in the media than the refugees for a few weeks. The film has already made just in the UK $11m and is planning and other sequel. But don’t even try the Bechdel test, because the score won’t be be at the height of its budget.